Increased Enforcement of Yard Parking Regulations

Concerns Following Increrased Parking Violations

Starting October first homes along Woodland avenue and west Arrowhead road will see an increase in enforcement of lawn parking regulations.

Duluth Parking Operations Specialist Mark Bauer says, “There have been enforcement efforts every year really. This isn’t a new effort by any stretch or reality.”

These areas are known for having a high amount of college rentals. New fines for violations will feature a 24 dollar ticket payable by the vehicles owner as well as a 200 dollar administrative citation owed by the property owner.

Mike Kenyanya of the UMD Student Association says, “The fact that they’re fining two different people shows us, that they understand the targeted people, are going to be two different people. When is the car owner and the home owner different? In a college rental.”

On August 29th, 2016 a letter was sent sent to property owners explained the upcoming enforcement deadline and also clearly warned them the letter was being not sent to their renters.

Mike Purtell, also of the UMD Student Association, says”For a big house that for a family would normally have a few cars, but there’s 6 students living in it and there’s 6 cars.”

Making it the landlord’s duty to inform the tenants.

Bauer adds, “We need to have a cooperative effort between all parties. Between law enforcement planning, city administration, the property owners, and of course the people living on the property.”

The plan is to issue warning tickets at first with repeat violations will bring fines to vehicle owners. Landlord fines will start being issued April 1st.

Kenyanya says, “The landlords have been renting out here for years, they’re aware of these laws, and I think some of them are just being irresponsible.”

Purtell also adds, “So they said give a chance for the students to catch up to this and the enforce it on landlords.”

Once the parking enforcement is in full effect students face another problem trying to find a place to park on Duluth’s busy streets.

Kenyanya explains, “Not allowing students to park, where they’ve been parking for years in the middle of a semester can really cause problems.”

Bauer assures, “There’s no targeting of any specific group of people. It’s whoever has this issue going on in their front yard.”

Kenyanya adds, “If the city has decided that they want to clean up the look we agree. We just want to be at the table. You know if you’re not at the table you’re on the menu.”

Most students feel the initial round of warnings is fair, but really would like to see enforcement postponed until June 1st of next year giving everyone a chance to be aware of the regulations before signing new leases.

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