Hoboken Train Crash Brings up Memories of 1915 Duluth Train Crash

No one was injured in the 1915 crash, but the train did skip the bumper like the one in Hoboken.

A similar crash to that in New Jersey happened in Duluth over one hundred years ago.

On November 6th, 1915, a passenger train traveling from Grand Forks jumped the bumper and tipped over at the depot.

No one was injured in that accident due to the trains low speed. The train had lost its brakes.

“Railroad accidents do happen and that’s why people always need to be aware of their surroundings when they’re with trains. It’s very hard to stop a train as we saw in the Hoboken incident. It can take a mile to a mile and a half to stop a moving train,” said Ken Buehler, Lake Superior Railroad Museum executive director.

Officials at the North Shore Scenic Railroad said their trains operate nowhere near the speeds of a passenger commuter train.

Their loading and unloading of passengers happens outside the depot instead of inside like the one in Hoboken.

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