Journey Awards Recognize Those who Have Overcome Disabilities

Essentia Health Duluth honors those who continue to inspire others.

The Journey Awards honor those who have overcome disabilities and have inspired others with their positive outlook on life.

Essentia Health Duluth recognized the annual recipients of the Journey Awards in a ceremony at the Miller Dwan building.

Those nominated for the big honor have left a lasting impact on many of those with disabilities and have raised awareness on the need for more disability accessibility.

“It’s definitely an honor. It’s very humbling. It inspires me to do more of what I already do. I just live life. I don’t do anything special. I just live life and try to make it better for those who come behind me and maybe have similar challenges or needs,” said 2016 Journey Award recipient Jenna Udenberg.

Essentia also gave out the Junior Journey Award and the Ernie Pearson Lifetime Achievement Award.

Stone Alseth received the Junior Journey Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Dr. Skip Silvestrini.

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