Annual Conference Dealing with Behavioral Health Solutions

Over 200 Health Care Professionals Gather to Share Ideas and Discuss Solutions

Notes were gathered and information was collected by over 200 health care professionals today at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC).

Essentia Health is hosting its 2016 Fall Conference, with this year’s topic centering on mental health.

Nationally recognized behavioral health experts were featured at the conference, which is designed to provide practical solutions to everyday behavioral health concerns.

“There are some things that concentrate for instance, in more urban settings, but the majority of things really pertain just as much in every community that we deal with,” Dr. Steven Sutherland with Essentia Behavioral Health said.

Sutherland says it’s an opportunity to learn from each other and practice new medical solutions.

“The goal is to take advantage of this time to get together. We have more than 200 people in attendance that are practicing from around the region in either primary care or the mental health world,” Sutherland said.

Other topics included depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Professionals came from as far away as North Dakota and parts of Wisconsin.

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