Stomper Festival

Mont Du Lac Resort host 36 bands

Mont Du Lac Resort is hosting the first ever Stompers retreat music festival this weekend

 Festival Curator Gabriel Douglas says,  Dozens of rock and roll bands from around the region are in the line up to ensure you have a great time.

 “There’s over 26 bands playing this weekend, there’s plenty of bands left if you’re coming just Saturday or coming Friday that works too. There’s two stages, one in doors and one out doors and free camping is included as well.”

 Making it as affordable as possible was a goal they had set to make sure they could work with pretty much anyone’s budget.

The camping isn’t the only thing they wanted cheap, the beer was on their minds too.

 “Where from the twin cities and you can’t get a five dollar beer at the bar much less at a festival, there’s not festival pricing here,” say’s Douglas

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