Hundreds Gather to Learn about the B-17 Aircraft

Hundreds Gather to Learn about the B-17 Aircraft

The B–17, also known as the flying fortress, was legendary for its ability to stay in the air after taking brutal poundings.

It was the first mass produced air craft in worldwar two with over 12,000 leaving the assembly line to fight on the front lines. now there are only twleve left known to man concidered still flyable and it’s important that we keep the history of these important flying machines going for generations to come.

Chris Henry, the Museum Program Manager, said “Keeping the legacy of the gentleman and the woman who flew in WWII and served in our military and to keep these lessons of the past going so future generations can learn.”

Members of late Richard Bong were on hand for the presentation and I was lucky enough to be invited to tour the childhood home. To respect the family’s wishes I can’t tell you much of what I saw or heard, but it was a pleasure spending a few hours with the family and learning more about Richard, who will always be considered a hero of world war two.

Henry said, “This home town hero, Richard Bong in the aviation field is a legend and rock star, he’s America’s highest scoring ace and such an important part of aviation history.”

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