Carlton County Addresses Heroin and Opioid Problem

A forum was held Monday night to discuss solutions for the problem.

On Monday night Fond Du Lac Tribal and Community College hosted a forum to discuss one matter hitting Carlton County.

Carlton County is just one area that has seen the negative impacts drug abuse can have on a community. People from all different backgrounds came together Monday to discuss solutions.

Former users, parents, children and police officers attended the second forum held by the Carlton County. The speakers discussed adolescent development, substance abuse, signs of opioid abuse and more; but the speakers that had the biggest impact were the ones who have lived through it.

“This event is to hear those stories. A lot of folks are struggling with addiction, or they have a loved one struggling with addiction, so I know a few people attended tonight because they really wanted to hear a hopeful story and a success story,” said Laura Palombi, Carlton County Drug Abuse Task Force and Assistant Professor at the College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota-Duluth.

At the forum two women chose to tell their stories about how their addiction effected their lives and those around them.

The message at the forum was they need every single community member to be a part of the solution, if they are going to solve this problem.

For those interested in getting involved with the task force you can contact Carlton County, or email Palombi at .

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