Knowing Your Neighbors: The Fat Radish

Bayfield restaurant, the Fat Radish, locally sources most of its food to leave diners with unbelievable flavors.

While the staff at the Fat Radish in Bayfield has a little fun in the kitchen, they do take their food seriously.

“We know exactly where all of our food comes from who grows it and what we can expect from each product,” said Hunter Holman, whose parents founded the Fat Radish.

The Fat Radish grew from the garden of the Holman family. Patti Holman was the food service director at Washburn Public Schools and started a school garden there.

“She’d never make anything out of a can, always from scratch,” said Holman.

The family graduated from the school and moved onto their own business.

“There’s never really any family feuds which is absolutely wonderful,” said Holman.

From the turkey tenderloin to the pig panini to the fish tacos, nearly everything is locally sourced at the Fat Radish.

“A lot of people can have a hard time picking and choosing what they’d like to eat,” said Holman.

Tourists have made the Fat Radish one of their favorite places to visit over and over again.

“It’s a wonderful feeling when you see people with smiles. People coming back on vacation like five to six times in a three to five day period,” said Holman.

As for that name, it comes from a group selected by fans of the restaurant.

“Everybody in the kitchen out front, we always work so well together, laughing, joking around even in high stress situations we can get everything done in a pinch,” said Holman.

The staff has fun in the kitchen with flavors so good, they can still mess around and create memorable, no nonsense plates.

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