Hundreds of UMD Students Turn Out to See Bernie Sanders

Many Students Excited to See the U.S. Senator

Bernie Sanders was popular among young people, and college students when he ran as a presidential candidate.

“Last year on campus the Bernie Sanders Movement was huge,” said James Randle, a UMD Student.

And though he wasn’t chosen as a nominee, the students are hoping Senator Sanders addresses issues that affect them in their day to day lives

“Tuition sky rocketing, front lawn parking targeting the areas around campus where students live,” Mike Purtell, the Vice President of External Affairs of the UMD Student Association said.

This time, Senator Sanders isn’t here to campaign for himself, but to show his support for Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, who was once his opponent.

“He wants to bring the party together and not spread it apart so, makes sense,” said Randel.

 Some Students say no matter who the candidate is, events like this one, are important to get young people involved in Politics

“Political power in my generation is pretty low compared to other generations, so going to these events, being more informed, voting, is so important,” said Purtell.


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