Clowns Spotted in Chisholm are a Prank

Juveniles have been accused of creating a hoax clown sighting.

The clown phenomenon has hit the Northland and Chisholm Police report they’ve received a complaint of a sighting.

A video of the clown made the rounds on social media before Chisholm Police determined it was a prank put on by a few area juveniles.

Police said the situation has been dealt with and the community was never in any kind of danger.

“Call 911, it’s the best way to get a hold of us and check whether it’s a guy in a clown suit or somebody lurking around your neighborhood that you don’t recognize. Anything suspicious feel free to call, that’s what we get paid to do is to come out and find out what’s going on,” said Captain Paul Panichi of the Chisholm Police Department.

Chisholm Police said they’re relieved that it was just a hoax, but want the public to not engage in this activity.

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