Travel Agency Helps Clients

Effects of Hurricane Matthew in the Northland

Nearly 12 million people are in the warning path of Hurricane Matthew.

Some of which are residents of the Twin Ports area.

Fox 21 met with a local travel agency to see what precautions they take if customers are in harm’s way.

With so many affected by Matthew travel agency’s in the area are making sure their keeping in close contact with anyone close to the storm. Owner Earl Rodgers says,

“We do have people in Orlando and that’s going to be a storm, it’s going to be wind, it’s going to be a lot of rain, but it’s not going to get any surge it’s too far inland for that, but their ok, they’re just going to stop some of their activities.”

The agency says that just because they sold their clients the tickets, their job isn’t over, clients are like family and they wants to treat them as such, especially in a serious situation like the south east is seeing.

“They needed tickets, they needed a tour, they needed a hotel and or a car or van or whatever and we’ve done that so their all set, but then were people and their people too and these are our people, so were naturally concerned what about where are they, who’s were who’s going and when,” says Rodgers.

AAA Minnesota has some tips for those traveling the next few days,

-Check with their travel agent and travel providers for cancellation policies and itinerary changes.

-It is important to monitor weather conditions regularly, both at your departure city and destination.

-Check your flight status before leaving for the airport. Consider signing up for text or mobile app alerts from your airline for the latest flight information.

-When flying, bring essentials in your carry–on bag in case travel schedules change.

-Check with your hotel for local updates on the storm’s impact.

-Heed all evacuation advisories and orders.

We’ll have to wait see exactly what type of impact the storm has on the U.S. in the next few days

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