Anderson Carving His Own Path at Duluth East

Scott Anderson was inducted into the Duluth East Hall of Fame this weekend.

The love of football came naturally to Evan Anderson.

“It’s kind of like a brotherhood sport, not many sports you can go out and hit people with all your best friends,” said Evan.

Evan is not the first Anderson to put on a jersey for the greyhounds, his dad Scott Anderson was the football captain at Duluth East in 1983.

“That interest was there for his father and it’s definitely there for him. Evan is an exceptional athlete and I think some of that is genetics,” said Duluth East football coach, Joe Hietala.

Unfortunately, Scott’s life was tragically cut short in 1999, before Evan was born.

“What I’ve heard is he’s an awesome guy, he was a big leader especially,” said Evan.

This week Duluth East is honoring Scott and other alumni by inducting them into the hall of fame.

“I think the fact that his dad is being inducted is a pretty cool thing and he gets to be a part of it and represent his father in that capacity I think is pretty awesome for him,” said Hietala.

Friday night, before the game Evan stood in for the father he never met as the hall of fame class was honored.

“It means a lot especially happening at the football game because football has been a big part of my life and my dad’s life,” said Evan.

Even though Scott’s legacy lives on, Evan is creating his own path through football and Duluth East.

“There’s a little bit of that legacy that sons following in their dads footsteps which is pretty cool but at the same time they’re carving their own path, you know kind of creating their own story,” said Hietala.

“I think my family doesn’t want me to feel like i have to fill in any big shoes,” said Evan.

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