Hopkins Cooling Tower Source of Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak

23 people fell ill, 1 died from the outbreak

The Minnesota Department of Health says it has identified the source of the outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in Hopkins that sicked 23 people and caused one death.

The Department said in a statement Wednesday that it’s confident that the source is a set of cooling towards at a manufacturing company called Citrus Systems, Inc.

Lab tests show the strain of Legionella bacteria found in one of the cooling towers matched the strain in samples taken from patients linked to the outbreak.

The affected tower was cleaned and disinfected two weeks ago, and the company has been cooperative throughout the process.

Legionnaires’ disease is an infection people can get from inhaling contaminated mist or vapor.

Seventeen people were hospitalized during the outbreak, but no new cases have been reported since September 22.

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