Creating Cocktails with The Rathskeller

Cooking Connection: Smoked Caramel Manhattan

For this week’s Cooking Connection we mixed up some cocktails with bartender Cade Grover from The Rathskeller.

Grover taught William Seay how to make a Smoked Caramel Manhattan.

The Rathskeller is located below Tycoon’s, soon to be The Blind Pig, at 132 E Superior St, Duluth, MN 55802.

The Blind Pig will officially open October 22 with a new menu and new drink items.

Smoked Caramel Manhattan:

In a decanter add:

  • sweet vermouth
  • caramel tincture
  • bourbon

Then, smoke the mixture with a food smoker. Once the decanter fills with smoke swirl the drink.

In a glass full of ice add one maraschino cherry and the mixture from the decanter.

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