Emerald Ash Borer causing problems in the Northland

Insect is killing mass amounts of Ash Trees in our area

The Emerald Ash Borer is continuing to invade our area becoming a huge problem for the Northland according to the Minnesota department of agriculture.

The Minnesota department of aquaculture hosted a meeting in Rice Lake tonight concerned a huge population of our ash trees in Minnesota and Wisconsin could die off due to the emerald ash borer.

Ash trees are the perfect feeding ground for the insect which can turn a completely healthy tree into a dead one in just four short years.

In this short period of time what are these bugs actually doing that causes so much damage.

” what emerald ash borer actually does it borrows underneath the bark and it cuts off the water systems so it basically eats underneath the bark system so the tree is not able to transport water up and down the tree and virtually it kind of girdles the tree killing it,” Kimberly Thielen Creners of MN Department of Ag.

There are ways that you can help keep the insect contained so the insect doesn’t wipe out the ash tree population in the mid-west.

“One of the biggest things that citizens can do to help slow this insect from moving across our state is to not move firewood. Particularly in the Duluth property just a few months ago you’ve had storm damage, so you have a lot down and dying trees and you’re doing a lot of clean up were really encouraging citizens to not move that wood out of the area,” says Thielen Creners.

There are plenty of bugs that resemble the emerald ash borer, if you think you found one you can head to the Minnesota department of aquaculture website because if you find one, they want you to keep the bug and call them right away.

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