A Deadly Weekend on Minnesota Roads: 10 Fatalities in 3 Days

Minnesota Surpasses 300 Road Fatalities for the Year

It’s been a deadly weekend on Minnesota roads with 10 people losing their lives since Thursday bringing the 2016 preliminary fatality count up to 307.

Recent lives lost include:

  • A 16-year-old male driver died Sunday night in a fiery crash in Norman County
  • Best friends who were just 24 and 25 years old. They died early Saturday morning when their truck crashed in rural Morrison County. Neither were wearing seatbelts.
  • A 65-year-old Lakeville man killed in a head-on collision
  • A 31-year-old motorcyclist went off the road and hit a sign, State Patrol says alcohol may have played a role.
  • A 7-year-old boy killed while crossing the street for the school bus.

2016 Preliminary Road Fatalities include:

  • 41 pedestrians, compared with 25 this time last year (2015)
  • 52 motorcyclists, 57 last year
  • 7 bicyclists, 9 last year

The major increase in pedestrian fatalities is a growing concern. The Department of Public Safety reminds everyone that it is both the driver and the pedestrian’s responsibility to refocus on traffic laws to make the walking community safer.

  • Pedestrians can ensure their safety by:
    • Crossing at a corner, a marked crosswalk, or where a traffic light is present – this is the law.
    • Pay attention, look both ways before crossing, and make eye contact with drivers before entering the road to ensure the driver sees you.
    • Never cross in the middle of the road, or walk down an interstate.
    • Wear bright colored clothing when walking at night.
  • Motorists must:
    • Treat every corner as a cross walk and stop for crossing pedestrians at all corners and crosswalks whether marked or unmarked – this is the law.
    • Drive at safe speeds, be alert for pedestrians, and stop for them when they are crossing.
    • Pay attention: Drive distracted free. Driver distraction is a leading cause of pedestrian/vehicle crashes.

Extra seatbelt enforcement is now on Minnesota roads as the Click It or Ticket campaign runs October 14-30.

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