Congressman Sean Duffy Visits Newly Opened GOP Center

Congressman Duffy Met With Supporters on Tuesday Morning

Wisconsinites in Superior welcomed Congressman Sean Duffy to town earlier Tuesday.

Congressman Duffy says his main concerns right now include growing the economy, putting people back to work, and opening opportunity for better paying jobs.

Nearly two dozen supporters showed up to hear Congressman Duffy speak, and become more familiar with the Congressman’s stance on current issues, and why his support is strong for Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump.

“Trump has policies that are going to grow the economy, that are going to improve our wages and our communications, and I think what people fail to realize is, look at where Hillary Clinton is. I mean if you look at the corruption that has come from Hillary and Bill Clinton,” Congressman Duffy said.

The Congressman says he’s fed up with the last eight years of “lack luster economic growth” from the Obama administration.

“Donald Trump won’t succumb to political correctness; he will lay it right out there about the problems that the country faces and what we have to do to get our country back on track,” Congressman Duffy said.

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