IRRRB Meeting Talks Supporting Aviation Development

The Grand Rapids Airport could become home to an aircraft parts company, ACC Manufacturing, a daughter company of One Aviation, after the IRRRB agreed to support the business in the form of a one and a half million dollar loan.

One Aviation is a company formed April of Last Year, When Kestrel Aircraft, a proposed project on hold in Superior, joined with New Mexico-based Eclipse Aerospace.

“This project is separate from the Kestrel project, it’s about parts for Eclipse,” said Alan Klapmeier, CEO of One Aviation.

ACC plans to do business out of two buildings, one existing, and a 7500 foot hangar which will be leased to ACC by the Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority

“We’ve formed a relationship with this company over the last couple of years,” said Rob Mattei, the Director of Community Development in Grand Rapids.

The IRRRB Also agreed to loan 293,000 to the Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority, to purchase the hangar that will be leased.

“We see them as having a huge impact in our community to help provide diversity in our economy, provide skilled, living wage jobs in our community,” said Mattei.

ACC doing business in Grand Rapids could bring an estimated 16 to 22 new living wage jobs to the community. Those jobs could start as early as the end of this month.

“It provides, we hope, a foundation for further growth in our community, as the business continues to grow and move through its plan, we hope grand rapids is considered for next phases of their operations,” said Mattei.

ACC will initially be housed in an airport maintenance building owned by the City of Grand Rapids, but will relocate to a building owned by Itasca Economic Corporation late in the first quarter of 2017.

 Other Projects discussed at the meeting include helping fund the development of housing units in Cook County, supporting the water main relocation in Two Harbors, and supporting site work and aircraft apron development for the Range Regional Airport.

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