KnowingYour Neighbors: Red Brick Cafe

A small town cafe in Barronett, Wis.

Between Shell Lake and Cumberland, along Highway 63 in Barronett, the Red Brick Cafe has become a hometown staple of Northwestern Wisconsin.

“We’re small town home cooking. Good People. And we just are friendly and we like to have everybody come in and enjoy themselves,” says Red Brick Cafe waitress Sharai Hefty.

The Red Brick is known for their breakfasts. Some of their popular breakfast dishes are the Big Brick Wall and…

“The Barronett Trainwreck and that’s the big seller. It’s hashbrowns with cheese and onions and green peppers and mushrooms and ham,” says Hefty.

But the small town cafe has more food choices as well.

“We serve mostly breakfast but we are also known for our burgers also. They are hand pattied and they are fresh ground beef. They are the best burgers around,” says Hefty.

The Red Brick is popular with locals but draws a lot of its customers from outside the area.

“The regulars from the Twin Cities, we had a couple of them in today. They travel back and forth from their cabin and they say this is the one place that they want to stop.”

Many customers are regulars and keep coming back because of the relationships the Red Brick creates.

“A lot of people know Deb and she’s an excellent person. She can come out and visit with people but she’s great back there on the grill and great in the oven too,” says Hefty.

And the regulars have very few complaints.

“The only thing they keep yelling at us for is we’re only open ’til two in the afternoon.”

The welcoming atmosphere is what the Red Brick Cafe is most proud of and why their customers come back again and again.

“You get to spend the time with family and friends and everybody becomes family and friends here,” says Hefty.

The Red Brick Cafe is open seven days a week from 7:00am unitl 2:00pm. They are open every day of the year except Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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