Pumpkin Patch Train Beings Tomorrow

Starting Thursday, October 20, Hundreds Will Ride Toward Secret Pumpkin Patch

Starting Thursday, October 20, hundreds will hop aboard the Pumpkin Patch Train at the North Shore Scenic Railroad.

The annual family fun event draws in thousands of people over the one weekend it’s available, so organizers at the Railroad added another train this year.

One engine will be bringing eager pumpkin pickers to the top secret pumpkin patch, with another heading the opposite direction.

“This is a great opportunity for a lot of the people who may have avoided the tourist season to come out to the museum and experience the museum and also have a fun train ride too,” Station Master Josh Miller said.

Tickets are $18 dollars for adults, with children’s tickets costing $16 dollars. Railroad staff are advising folks to pre-purchase their tickets online at www.northshorescenicrailroad.org

Miller says all events at the North Shore Scenic Railroad are essentially a fundraiser to preserve railroad history as it relates to our area.

“The Pumpkin Patch Train is one of the few trains we have where the museum is included with your ticket, so you get to go in and hang out in the museum where we have face painters and bounce houses and all kinds of fun stuff,” Miller said.

The event goes from Thursday until Sunday.

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