African Heriatge taught at Superior Library

Good Time To Learn More Culture

The Superior African Heritage Community continues to take education to another level

From 4 to 6 pm the group meets every two weeks on Wednesdays at the Superior library.

It’s an after school program open to any child or family that wants to attend all in an effort to teach others African American heritage and culture.

“last year we served about 20 kids and were hoping to at least double that this year and serve about 40 kids. It’s an opportunity for them to get a meal because its twice a month. It’s not so intensive for the kids, it’s something they don’t have to take home and learn. Its more just about having fun getting family involved in learning experience and getting the kids interested in reading about different cultures.” says Kym Young, Executive Coordinator-SAHC

The program would like to express thanks to the d–s–a–c–f for the funding it received to keep the program growing. Donations are also welcome from the public. They are also seeking more volunteers

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