Nancy Lee Comes to Duluth to Speak About Her Book

Northland Author Comes to Duluth to Speak About Her Book

A Twin Cities author visited Duluth today to discuss her book on the 1918 Cloquet fires.

Nancy Lee’s book, ‘The Island,’ is a historical non–fiction account about the fires that burned down Cloquet in 1918.

It allows the reader to step into the lives of the diverse characters.

Lee says that it is fun to see what those who were alive and in Cloquet during the fires have to say.

Lee said, “It has been really fun. I was just talking to a lady here who is 97-years-old and she remembers it and she lived through it and its been interesting, it really has.”

You can order it on Amazon or from the North Star Press based out of St. Cloud, Minnesota.

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