Northland Nurses Volunteer in Haiti

Nurses Will Help Treat Cholera Patients

The United Nations says nearly 1.5 million people need help right now in Haiti.
Hurricane Matthew killed hundreds, destroyed homes, and knocked out electricity.

The area is also dealing with an outbreak of cholera.

The crisis has prompted three Essentia Health Northland nurses to fly overseas and help out.

“It’s the fundamental belief that we’re put on the earth to help each other,” said Julie Zimmerman. “It’s just that’s kind of how our organization is into helping each other.”

They’re working with a group of nine called “Peace, Love, Haiti,” where they will be spending two weeks in the country.

This will be the second time Julie Zimmerman has traveled to the country in the days following an earthquake. She was also there after hurricane Tomas in 2010.

“It’s pretty hard to walk into a situation like that and see all the devastation, and people hurting so much and then just walk away from it and go back to just driving through Starbucks, it affects your outlook of the world,” said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman says experiences in the Northland however, do prepare them for the challenges they’ll face in the next two weeks.

“We find it pretty easy to sleep in tents, we can survive and have one bucket of water for all of us to take a bath in because we know how from camping,” said Zimmerman.

More information about their trip can be found here.

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