Officials Rally for More After School Programs

Students Attended a Rally and Played Games for the Lights on After school Initiative

Millions of kids across the country go unsupervised after school each day. That’s why children, parents and community leaders came together today for a special rally at Lincoln Park Middle School in Duluth.

This gathering is one of more than 8,000 events held across the nation today, emphasizing the importance of keeping the lights on and the doors open after school.

Leaders at the rally stressed how valuable after school programs can be.

Mikayla Karels, the Youth Development Coordinator, said “We have seen improvements in kids that do go through our program and parents are appreciative of that and we want to celebrate the kids sticking around and making our job fun.”

During the event kids participated in gym games, crafts, dancing and eating snacks.

The program is seeking financial help to fund even more after school activities now and in the future for the kids.

Emma Strauss, a third grade students, said “There are so many great people in the world and we get to meet them and it’s a place to make new friends.”

Enger Tower in Duluth will be lit up in blue and gold to bring awareness to the national lights on after school initiative.

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