WLSSD Expands Yard Waste Hours Through October

Not an Extraordinary Fall, Just Trying to Be More Convenient

As leaves continue to fall from the trees, Northlanders are getting more help to get rid of the bags and bags of yard waste that are piling up.

The WLSSD in Duluth is increasing its hours through the end of October.

Starting tomorrow, the yard waste center will be open Thursdays through Mondays until October 31.

They say this has not been an extraordinary season for yard waste; they just want to make their hours more convenient.

There are no restrictions on what you can bring in, and you’re encouraged to dispose of diseased plants and invasive species at the WLSSD.

“When people are trimming that sort of stuff, absolutely [it’s] a better idea to bring it here and let us compost it in our high heat conditions we can generate in our composting piles versus trying to do any of that at home,” said Environmental Program Coordinator Lori Lee Blais.

The WLSSD goes back to a three-day schedule at the beginning of November, and will only remain open until November 20.

The Yard Waste Center is located just off W 27th Avenue in Duluth.

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