Duluth Fire Department Receives Two Loaner Trucks

They will temporarily replace out of service engines

The Duluth Fire Department is now home to two loaner fire engines.

It’s part of a federal program that allows departments to borrow equipment from others across the country that aren’t using that equipment.

In Duluth’s case, two 20–year–old fire trucks were found to have cracked frames that aren’t replaceable.

“Mostly the salt is the problem,” said Shawn Krizaj, deputy fire chief for the Duluth Fire Department. “It gets kind of packed in there the way the frame was built, and then it sits in there. There’s really not a good way to wash it out or clean it out.”

Duluth has ordered two new state–of–the-art fire engines at $500,000 apiece.

That money was already put aside for new engines, which should arrive sometime in January.



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