Mont Du Lac Resort On The Rise

New Cabins A Big Hit For Winter

Excitement is rising at Mont Du Lac resort. Fox 21 gets exclusive look inside newly built cabins that are ready for occupants starting this winter.

The resort hopes the cabins and newly built trophy room take the once known as plain hill to ski down, and turn it in to a full blown resort enjoyed by families from across the region.

The resort is set to entertain 12 months out of the year.

Families can come enjoy, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, disc golf with a plethora of new amenities added throughout the last few months to complete your experience and make it one to remember.

If all goes as planned, they hope to have everything up and running soon.

“Were targeting November 19th as hopefully a day that we get some action out here on the hill, as long as the temperatures are more cooperative then they were last year,” says Mike O’Hara, Hill Manager

O’Hara also tells us they have learned their lesson after last year, if the weather doesn’t want cooperate; they are ready for that too.

“After last year we learned that ah, boy you have to make it all sometimes, which is what we did last year, we made it all we increased that this season, so hopefully as long as the weather is cold were going to be able to be able to deliver what everybody is expecting here on the hill.” says O’Hara

The trophy room has hosted 22 weddings this summer. Management says there are plenty of things to be excited about and look forward to the future of the resort.

If this sounds like fun, you can now buy your season passes for the upcoming winter season.

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