Superior Needs Your Vote

Multi Purpose Convention Center In The Works

Better City of Superior is a new non–profit economic development group that has come up with a plan to lure more tourists, Build the local economy and attract more businesses to the city.

It’s a form of food and beverage tax that city officials want you to vote yes this November to send a message to Madison for approval.

Since 1960, superior has lost an average of 120 citizens a year, which also equates to 30 families of 4 every year. On top of that if you add all the business that has left, it’s not good. The referendum discussed Thursday night hopes to put a stop to that.

For years the city of superior has looked across the bay watching Duluth’s tourism thrive to a whole new level as millions flow into the city each year spending millions and little to none of that makes its way across the Blatnik. Now sitting back and watching is no longer an option.

. “Were trying to be very commentary to Duluth by creating some down town assets that don’t exist in Duluth that would make the whole region stronger and allow superior to get its piece of the pie,” says Bruce Thompson, President of Better Superior.

The referendum calls for a food and beverage tax would cost the average citizen or tourist 5 cents on every ten dollars spent. Over years of accumulating that money and placing it into bonds the better superior movement would hope to draw in tourist from all across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Something superior lacks at this moment.

” We’d also be able to bring Wisconsin based organizations up to superior for conventions activity right now they won’t come this far they’ll come as far as Eau Claire because we don’t have facilities and they won’t host it in Minnesota. So we have plenty of opportunities to bring Wisconsinites up to Superior to expose them to the entire region,” says Thompson.

The money gained from the tax would go towards a 150 room hotel and convention center, an indoor water park, and an indoor field house for soccer and lacrosse tournaments.

The vote this November would send a direct message to Madison that the city of Superior needs them to allow a tax like this for smaller cities in the state.

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