Boder Leading CEC From The Backfield With Heart

Jay Boder almost couldn't play soccer but it turned out to be the perfect fit.

When CEC Senior Jay Boder steps into the net, he’s playing with heart but it was his heart that almost kept him from playing soccer at all.

“When I was younger I was diagnosed with a heart condition, Long QT syndrome and it’s an irregular heart beat, so to speak and i have a defibrillator. Most of my doctors were telling me no contact sports, that I could only play bowling and golf,” said Boder.

Boder and his family didn’t take no for an answer.

“We kind of pushed the doctors request aside,” said Boder.

Soccer was a perfect fit for Boder not too physical but allowed him to stay in shape. Another perfect fit was the net.

“I fell into the notch of goalkeeping which I just love doing because you’re kind of a highlight of the game where you dive around and make cool saves,” said Boder.

Now, Boder doesn’t let anything hold him back when he’s in goal for the Lumberjacks.

“He’s a champ and what separates good goalkeepers from great goalkeepers is they’re not afraid to come out after the ball and he’s never been afraid,” said Head Coach Archie Clark.

“I like being in charge of things and when you’re the goalie you kind of you dictate things, you know what to say,” said Boder.

It’s that confidence that allowed Boder to prove doctors wrong.

“He’s got a little lump here where the device sticks out a little but it’s never affected his play,” said Clark.

“I’ve gotten past it, I haven’t had an accident or a spell from it for seven or so years  and just working past it… I know my own limits so if I ever have to take a break I know I will take a break, but I don’t see how it stops me in anyway,” said Boder.

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