Political Signs Being Stolen in the Northland

Both national and local campaign signs have been stolen in broad daylight.

Driving around the Northland, there aren’t a whole lot of political yard signs in lawns.Part of that might be in part due to the landscape of this year’s election, but many political signs have also been stolen.

Signs have flown out the door at the local call center for the Republican party.

“There’s not a week where we have twenty to thirty signs out the door,” said Joey Wiley, a district director for the 8th district.

Many voters have had to go back to the center to get more signs because their signs have been stolen.

“It’s bigger than just the presidential candidates, bigger than just the congregational candidates. It’s all levels which in my mind in all the work I’ve done in politics so far, it’s new to me,” said Wiley.

Lawerence Burda has put up several signs this year and now brings them in at night, so they are not taken again.

“It’s a problem and it bothers me,” said Burda.

Local candidate Tim Brandon said signs account for 30-40% of his budget and each sign costs him around $5.

“When it gets stolen, it’s basically stealing out of your budget. Many candidates they only have so much they can spend on signs and when it’s gone it’s gone,” said Brandon.

It’s more than just stealing signs, but also could stop the debate between neighbors.

“Signs create conversations and without those conversations political education doesn’t happen all the time,” said Wiley.

Local offices for both parties give signs away, but Burda has another idea before anyone steals the ones he has left.

“If you really want a sign, come on in and knock on my door, and I’ll get you one,” said Burda.

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