Knowing Your Neighbors: Toy Galaxy

Toy Galaxy sells vintage toys and brings out the inner child in all of us.

When stepping into Toy Galaxy in Duluth, many shoppers know it will be a fun trip to place not so far, far away. The supreme commander of this galaxy is Robb Berry who started collecting toys when he was eleven.

Robb then started collecting comic books. ” I won’t get rich, but I enjoy doing it,” said Berry.

Robb made his hobby a career and opened Toy Galaxy last year. He named it after a popular Star Wars toy display.

“It’s a dream job certainly there’s different aspects to it. It’s not all fun and glory again, I get a lot of joy doing it, that’s why I do it,” said Berry.

Toy Galaxy sells vintage toys. There’s everything from items to make you a Master of the Universe to G.I. Joe to old cereal boxes.

“It’s one of those things life’s too short to sit and do something you don’t like doing everyday for some some people that they want to do, but I believe I was put on this earth to do some than just drive a truck or work in a warehouse,” said Berry.

So while it may seem like he’s just toying around, Robb and Toy Galaxy bring out the inner child in all of us.

“People get a lot of memories. It was a better time their life when the biggest thing on your mind was what am I going to have for dinner,” said Berry.

Inside Toy Galaxy, Robb created a museum to local television history. He has collected memorabilia from Duluth kids shows including Mr. Toot.

“One of a kind items. There’s not another Mr. Toot uniform anywhere in the world but right here,” said Berry.

Toy Galaxy connects generations in galaxies that might be decades apart for fun that will never get old.

“The greatest joy I get is actually seeing the interaction between parents and their kids collecting toys. It’s an adventure I never know what’s going to come through the door,” said Berry.

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