Sixth District Treatment Courts Receive Grant

The 975,000 dollar grant runs over three years.

This month the Sixth District Treatment Court received the first payment of a national grant they were rewarded with, and even though the application process was competitive, the district says the real work is just beginning.

The Sixth District Treatment court had to submit a detailed plan of how they would utilize the 325,000 dollar, three–year grant to help the area of Duluth with opioid case management.

The initiative has four different parts. One of them is a first–of–it’s–kind in Minnesota 10 bed residential opioid specific unit.

“One I think it can really be a model that helps Duluth. Two… We’re talking about potentially changing the way assessment and insurance and treatment is delivered across the state,” said Judge Shaun Floerke.

Many people seeking treatment are forced to wait for days, even weeks, this unit is meant to help bridge that gap. One bed will be held for treatment court participants, while the other nine will be open to anyone.

The district hopes to have the initiative in action by the beginning of the year.

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