91 Year Old Cubs Fan Estatic

He Last Heard The 1945 World Series On The Radio

I had the opportunity to go back in time today, to a time where the cubs were actually in the World Series.

In the early 1900’s the cubs were a winning franchise, obtaining the pennant 10 times between 1907 and 1945. During the 45 World Series the cubs went 7 games with the Detroit Tigers. The 7th game didn’t turn out to well according to Adolph

“I was I the army and i got to listen to the 7th game, they were playing Detroit they had a radio out in the army camp in Scott Bluffs NE, we were listening to it out there, Hank Greenburg hit a homerun , he was Detroit and that beat the cubs in the 7th game,” says  Adolph Romanek, 91 year old cubs fan.

That’s when it all started, the g.o.a.t curse was introduced, the cubs liked by so many became known as the loveable losers. Because they were so bad for so long, I asked Adolph if he ever thought about switching teams.

“No never, my brother did but I didn’t, why? I don’t know, I just couldn’t switch, i can’t even switch to the twins,” says Romanek.

Divisional play began in 1969 and the cubs had only made it to the playoffs 8 times up until 2003, don’t get him started on 2003!

 “Left fielder was Moises Alou, yeah um yeah that was a bad deal there, they could have maybe went a little ways then, he was pretty perturbed when that fan stuck his mit out there,” says Romanek.

Now the cubs are winning again, and watching them is fun again, listening to them on the radio is a thing in the past.

“It’s a lot easier, we used to listen to the radio, we used to pick potatoes, my brother used to drive the car out into the potato field as we were picking we could listen to the game,” says Romanek.

He says his favorite current player is Chris Bryant.

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