National and Regional Donations Help Fund Food Bank Transportation

Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank Serves Over 180 Charitable Programs

It’s getting to be that most wonderful time of the year once again, but before many can begin celebrating the Holidays, shelves must be stocked.

Shaye Morris with Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank in Duluth says our local food bank is now seeking National and Regional donations before the Holidays quickly arrive.

“We’re trying to secure things like holiday turkeys for our agency partners or accessing product through some of our donors so we can make sure our 24,000 square foot warehouse has enough food this time of year,” Morris said.

This money helps when transportation factors come into play, especially around Holiday time.

Second Harvest distributes food to over 180 charitable food programs in Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin.

“We’re looking for financial support most often because again, as the regions food bank, were transporting product from all over the region, from out of the region and into Duluth for again, our regency partners.”

Volunteers are also needed come November and December, either at the food bank or other area partners.

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