Joy Ride Teams Up With Local Bars

In Hopes To Lower DWI Rates

With an average of nearly one thousand DWI arrest each year.

It’s no surprise that southern St. Louis and Carlton counties rank number 5 in the U.S. for the deadliest counties related to DWI.

In comes joy ride, a program geared towards giving those who maybe had a few to many a safe and sober cab ride home at a discounted price.

Local bars are encouraged to reach out to joy ride to purchase 7 dollar vouchers to give to customers free of charge who shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

Their hoping all local establishments get on board with the program.

“I think it’s the bars responsibility, the patron themselves responsibility, I think it’s your friend’s responsibility. If we all kind of come together hopefully you’ll see DWI decrease,” says Allison Nicolson, Manages Joy Ride

So far out of nearly 90 restaurants and bars only 22 have jumped on board with this initiative.

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