The Duluth Police Department is Seeking Your Opinion

Duluth Police Department Hires Consultant to Help With Planning

The Duluth Police Department hired a consultant earlier this year to help with future planning and goals.

Nearly 200 employees were interviewed and shared their perspectives with that consultant and now, your opinions about the police department are wanted too.

The consultant was hired during a time of transition to a new police chief last winter with a major goal to empower employees to help shape their organization’s future during a time of leadership change.

The police department accounts for about $21 million of the city’s operating budget and it cost about $30,000 to hire the consultant.

Laura Marquardt, the Deputy Chief of Investigations and Administration, said “For us, we are a monopoly so the people cant get police services from somewhere else and so we want to serve our community the best way we can.”

Police department leaders are hoping to construct a new 3 to 5 year plan by the end of February.

Anyone can go online and take a survey to say how they think the Duluth Police Department can improve. Head over to, if you’re interested in taking the survey.

Marquardt said, “With that information we can create a road map and a plan on what this organization should address in the next three to five years.”

That survey will remain open for the public until November 15th.

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