City of Duluth Becomes Target of Phishing Scam

Spammer gained potential access to voter information

Spammers have potentially leaked into the City Clerk’s office in Duluth.

The lists have the full name, address, and full date of birth for over 55,000 Duluth residents. Most of this data is already public information minus the full date of birth.

The employee in the clerk’s office had been working with the city’s Information Technology office on a different issue and accidentally opened the scam e-mail. The employee’s inbox happened to include a voter registration list for the City of Duluth.

The hack happened in August. The city contacted police and the FBI and has been going through every file and attachment to figure out exactly what information was compromised.

“The voting records are secure and safe, we’ve got a fairly charged atmosphere going on right now in this election and we wanted to assure everybody that this in no way compromised any of the voting processes that people going through in early voting or in the actual voting on November 8th,” said David Montgomery, chief administrative officer.

The city is also providing free credit monitoring services to over 180 individuals whose business information might have been compromised, including tax ID and social security numbers.

The city already has sent out a letter to the over 55,000 who were affected and the city has set up a number to call if residents have any questions. Concerned citizens can call 1-844-565-4395

The city also estimates that this could cost them nearly $35,000.

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