Smith Lives Up to Cardinal Legacy

Cromwell-Wright QB Makes Statement In Senior Year

Zion Smith was born to be a Cardinal.

Zion Smith says, “All the guys in my family have played football. My dad i think he hold the career rushing record, touchdown record so it’s basically in our blood to play football at Cromwell.”

First discovering his love of football in 3rd grade, Smith has been making plays at the varsity level long before he was a senior.

Smith adds, “Most of us seniors have been starting for 3 or 4 years so we have a lot of chemistry with each other.”

Chasing the dream of state championship his entire life.

Smith explains, “We just take it as an honor, there’s been a lot of great teams here and we just think it’s our duty to perform well.”

The quarterback position is widely regarded as the most important role in sports, something Smith has taken to heart.

Smith says, “I’m a very competitive person so the fact that i’m a leader and i’m very competitive sometimes i come off the wrong way to my team mates.”

Senior Tight End Alek Striowski says, “He’s a very smart guy. He’s very smart he know what he’s doing and he knows what everyone else should be doing, if we have a question we as him and he’ll tell us what we’re doing.”

Helping make him a student of the game.

Smith says, “I’ve always know the system and I’ve always worked hard and tried to keep everyone in line so i guess you could say I’ve been a leader for most of my career.”

head Football Coach Jeff Gronner says, “He has the smartest football mind that I’ve ever coached, he understands the game so well.”

Putting his team on pace for perfection.

Smith explains, “It’s an honor, it’s a legacy there’s been so many great teams here you just want to be part of it.”

Coach Gronner adds, “Everything he says out there I take it and we usually do what he says because he’s usually right.”

And a chance to make school history with a trip to U.S Bank Stadium.

Smith says, “If we could make it there it would be a dream come true for us.”

Striowski explains, “That’s been our dream for 4 years now. Hopefully we get there.”

No matter the outcome, this football story is a success.

Striowski says, “Just from day 1 he’s been our guy, everything is kind of on his shoulders. He makes sure everybody is doing their job.”

Providing inspiration for Cardinals to come.

Smith adds, “Make the most of it. It’s not going to be there for long so you really got to accept it and play to the best of your ability. Leave it all out on the field.”

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