Deer On The Move In Northland

It's Rut, Drivers Be On The Look Out

Deer vs Vehicle accidents are all too common here in the North-land.

Peak times for deer sightings are always as the sun rises and falls.

As the daylight hours tend to trickle away from us this time of year and more and more motorist heading to and from work the percentages rise.

Minnesota DNR says the daylight isn’t the only thing making the deer more active.

 “During the rut, as we said they get more active and they can move around any time of day, but there still is a peak in the mornings and evenings, but anytime that last hour of day light into the first few hours is a real active time,” says Area wild life manager Chris Balzar.

If you happen to see deer on the road side, slow down and try to stay away from startling the deer as you pass.

 “Well I would slow down, sometimes you done see them until the last minute that’s just the way it is, if you see them and their just hanging out in the ditch a lot of times they’ll stay there. I wouldn’t go by at 60 mph banking on that,” says Balzar.

Even if you do take the proper precautions and happen to hit a deer, stay calm and pull as far off the road way as you can and call your local authorities.

Sometimes it happens and there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s just important to stay alert during this time of year.

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