Minnesota Firearm Deer Season Opens Saturday

Local Businesses Set Sights On Successful Season

Now that the 2016 firearm deer hunting season right around the corner, many businesses are stocking the shelves, and prepping their kitchens, for a surge of hopeful hunters heading for the Northland this weekend.

Owner of The Fisherman’s Corner, Scott VanValkenburg says, “There’s been a lot of folks going out putting their cameras out, watching salt blocks, and once the reports come in that some guys are seeing some big bucks everyone gets fired up, the word spreads pretty fast you know?”

Increasing the urgency to pick up any last minute supplies.

VanValkenburg adds, “Friday night right up to close it’s busier than a dickens but Saturday you’ll still have a lot of folks who are getting everything ready, saying i forgot my sent tabs, or maybe some more hand warmers.”

If you feel like putting your hunting skills to the test, there’s also a biggest buck contest here at Fisherman’s Corner, for any hunter looking to further their bragging rights.

VanValkenburg explains, “It’s all by weight, and it’s fun. You get to see some really big deer. We’ve had some deer up in the 280’s. That’s a big animal.”

Supplies aren’t everything. Hunters need a place they can get a hot meal, and maybe even a cold drink.

Owner of Trapper Pete’s Steakhouse and Saloon, Cindy Peterson says, “We have this really cool north woods atmosphere and we have deer heads, our whole saloon is full of fish, and it’s just kind of that warm comfort feel that people like.”

Trapper Pete’s isn’t just for hunters seeking a hearty meal. Coming up this Friday night (11/4) they’ll also host their 7th annual Women’s Expo from 6-9 PM.

Peterson adds, “Being a free event, they love it. We do free wine and cheese while they shop. So they can grab a glass of wine and walk around and shop.”

Whether you’re heading out to hunt or just to tag along, it’s always good to remember, safety comes first.

VanValkenburg reminds, “It’s good to run over all the safety items on a gun, with a young fella or young gal to make sure everything is nice and well memorized I guess you could say.”

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