416,000 Early Votes in Minnesota, as Election Day Nears

267,000 absentee ballots were cast in 2012

Nearly 416,000 Minnesota residents have already cast their ballots for next week’s election.

The early votes are pouring in as the state holds its first presidential election with no-excuse absentee voting. Voters previously has to provide a reason to cast a ballot ahead of time.

Voting data released by Secretary of State’s office, Thursday, shows more than 415,000 ballots had been accepted. That’s roughly 13-percent of Minnesota’s registered voters. The early vote total this year is almost double from 2012, which had 267,000 absentee ballots cast.

Early voting began in late September, on of the earliest starts in the country.

Voters can continue submitting absentee ballots right up until Election Day.

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