Charges Cleared in Fatal Shooting of Berrien County

Fatal shooting of inmate in July at the Berrien County Courthouse

Two bailiffs involved in the fatal shooting of a jail inmate at the Berrien County Courthouse in July, will not be criminally charged in the incident.

Berrien County Prosecutor, Michael Sepic said, Wednesday, that the fatal shooting of inmate 44-year-old Larry Gordon was justified, clearing bailiffs Milt Russell and Rick Lull of criminal responsibility in his death.

The bailiffs had fired several shots at Gordon, on July 11, after Gordon shot and injured a Berrien County sheriff’s deputy, shot and killed two court officers, and took hostages in the courthouse.

An inmate who failed to turn over to authorities a letter Gordon gave him the morning of the incident that warned of Gordon’s plan to escape was also cleared of charges. The letter was retrieved, unopened, after the incident.

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