Belknap in Superior Due for Big Changes

Construction to begin in early Spring

Those that have driven Belknap Street in Superior, know how bad the roadway has deteriorated over time.

Changes are needed and changes are coming.

The project to completely reconstruct Belknap is set to break ground in early spring of 2017 and the project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2018.

The harsh winters have taken their toll on Belknap,

Lack of drain tile and storm sewers allowed moisture to freeze and thaw year in and year out, making it tougher on the pavement speeding up its life time.

“In a normal life cycle it’s actually a little early for reconstruction, but this pavement has been deteriorating faster than what we normally would expect. It takes a lot of traffic; it was just warranted for reconstruction,” says Project Manager, Brendan Dirkes.

Many residents and business owners attended tonight’s meeting hoping to capture an outlook for the next two years and how it might impact businesses lining one of the busiest streets in Superior.

One local resident believes the project has huge impact once it’s all said and done.

 “It’s absolutely necessary, I can remember last time 30 something years ago they did it last, it’s time that we do it again, it’s in need and I think it’s also going to be a great new entrance way coming in to superior that will be more attractive.” says Superior native, Douglas Finn.

Once completed all seven of the traffic signals will be replaced, new sidewalks will be installed and much needed left turns to access business will be available.

The City of Superior hopes Belknap will follow in the footsteps of Tower Ave and bring life back to that part of the city.

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