Duluth Mayor Emily Larson Invited to be Part of New Initiative

Initiative Promotes Advancement of Women in Leadership Roles

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton announced the Creation of a new council, the Young Women’s Initiative, in October, and Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, has been invited to join the 40 member council.

The initiative is the first of its kind in Minnesota. The council will work for equity, opportunities, and advancement for young women, particularly young women of color.  The group will report back to the governor with specific strategies by spring of next year to help reach these goals.

“Advancing leadership opportunities for women, it’s good for women, but it’s good for communities, it’s good for men, it’s good when we challenge the system of who leadership can be and is, that’s great for everybody,” said Larson.

Mayor Larson was also identified as the Top 100 people to know in 2017, by the Twin Cities Business Magazine.

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