Justin Linskie Receives Gulity Verdict in Twin Ponds Hit and Run

Families Get Answers After Jury Reads Verdict

A verdict tonight in a high profile hit and run case in Duluth.

Thirty-one year old Superior resident Justin Linskie has been found guilty of criminal vehicular homicide for hitting and killing a 60 year old woman in October of 2015.

Susan Menz was struck by Justin Linskie’s vehicle on October 13, 2015 while she was taking pictures at Twin Ponds on Skyline Parkway.

Today, 12 jurors deliberated for just over a half an hour before delivering the verdict.

Three UMD students witnessed the crash that killed Susan Menz.

Today, friends and family of both Menz and Linskie packed the courtroom waiting for the verdict after sitting through a week of testimony

In a case full of emotions, the lead prosecutor knows it’s a case where no one is a winner.

 “We’re happy with the verdict. I was telling some people earlier it really wasn’t about winning or losing, in a case like this there’s really no winner, it’s just accountability,” says Lead Prosecutor Vicky Wanta. 

The accountability will take place when Linskie is sentenced.

Prosecutors hope today’s guilty verdict is the first step in recovery for family and friends of Menz.

“Healing for the victim’s family, this isn’t going to bring Mrs. Menz back and it’s not going to fill that void in their life, but it’s a good chance to move on to the next step for healing,” says Wanta.

A sentencing date for Linskie has not been set yet.

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