UMD Partners with Congdon Elementary for Science Night

Chemistry, physics and biology students give demonstrations

Chemistry, physics and biology students from UMD put on a show this evening for local families.

Congdon Park Elementary teamed up with UMD to put on a science night at the school.

UMD students presented interactive science experiments including exploding pumpkins, shattering flowers with liquid nitrogen and making colored flames.

This event is a way to educate young students about science and the natural world around them.

“There is more science than what you read in books and actually see it in person live and what actually happens. These are just the tip of the ice berg of some of the cool things we do as a club, so it’s fun to show a lot of people who otherwise might not be able to see it,” said Elijah Farley, a Chemistry student at UMD.

This is the fifth year  UMD has partnered with Congdon Elementary for this event.

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