First Presidential Election for Some UMD Students

Campus groups make final push before election

College Democrat and Republican groups at UMD are making a final push to get students to to the polls on Tuesday.

For many students, this will be their first time voting in a presidential election.

Political groups at UMD have been working hard to help students become more informed. The College Republicans we spoke with today say they know the importance of the student vote based on the results of the last presidential election.

“This election [voter turnout] might be a little lower than usual because a lot of students are kind of turned off by the two candidates right now, unfortunately,” said Garret Savoie, Treasure of the UMD College Republicans. “In general, for every election the young vote is very important and almost under looked.”

UMD students who live on-campus and plan to register before voting tomorrow will just need to bring their student photo ID.

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