Governor Mike Pence Making Final Push With Stop in Minnesota

The Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Visited Duluth on Monday

First it was months, then days, and now hours before we will know the 45th President of the United States of America. But before all is said and done, candidates are getting the final word in at rallies.

“We were up until one o’clock in the morning preparing our signs,” said Henry Korpela as he waited for the crowd to clear out.

Just hours after his running mate touched down in Minneapolis, Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Mike Pence too to covering the Northern part of Minnesota, stopping in Duluth.

“He is a good man and I think he will be a good Vice President for Donald Trump,” Henry’s wife Lynda said.

The Korpela’s drove from Mountain Iron to attend the rally on Monday.

“We need a change in this country, a dramatic change and that change is Donald Trump I believe,” Korpela said.

Faith, expressed from frustration.

“This is our adorable deplorable Sophia,” Daniel Rose remarked as his infant daughter rest in a baby sling around her father.

Supporters of all ages, coming together on a windy Election Eve.

“For somebody to say that you can abort a kid by cutting them up at nine months, holy cow that’s horrifying,” said Rose.  

Governor Pence was introduced by Eighth District Congressional Candidate Stewart Mills. Pence, was ready to explore fact versus fiction.

“We are just one day away from a great victory all across the state of Minnesota and all across the United States of America,” said Governor Mike Pence.

Campaigning not only for the Trump Administration, but also popping in a few messages for Mills.

“Stewart, I served in the Congress for twelve years, and I know you’re going to represent Minnesota with great integrity. Thank you for stepping up,” said Governor Pence.

Quickly switching gears, to the Donald of the campaign.

“You know I truly do believe my running mate literally embodies the spirit of America, and if I can say the spirit of the people of Minnesota,” said Governor Pence.

“We’re going to Make America Great Again! We must decide here and now that Hillary Clinton will never be elected President of the United States of America,” said Governor Pence.

For John Doberstein, the morning was about spreading his ant-Trump message.

“A few years ago, Minnesota said love trumps hate,” said Doberstein.

“This entire campaign, the Trump, Pence Campaign, has been all about division of our country, it’s brought out an ugliness, fear, hate, homophobia, racism, and I’m here to show folks that Duluth isn’t going to stand for that,” said Doberstein.

Others are hoping the State, which hasn’t voted blue since 1972, can see change in 2016.

“These particular vote pants are ones that I made in 1972, I was in the seventh grade,” said Mary Moline, as she attended the Pence rally.

Moline remembers when Richard Nixon was in the race for the White House. That’s why she made the special pants.

“To go to the polling place in them and secondly I always try to see if I can still fit in them,” said Moline.

“You know she [Clinton] may have the media, the money, and the special interest on her side, but Donald Trump and I have something a little more powerful, we’ve got a basket full of the American people saying enough is enough,” said Governor Pence.

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