Knowing Your Neighbors: China Inn

From the fish soup to the mongolian beef, many enjoy the many flavors of the China Inn.

Diners make room for plate after plate full of mouthwatering Chinese entrees at the China Inn in Superior.

“We’ve been here a really long time, 25 years so we built a pretty good relationship with the community with all the locals, the customers,” said manager Ali Wong.

Whether it’s the sweet and sour chicken to the mongolian beef, diners enjoy these favorites and the daily specials.

“It’s always friendly, always nice. A lot of customers like it because we have a really friendly staff and it’s just like a family restaurant,” said Wong.

Ali and her family moved to Superior from the Canton province in China to open the restaurant.

“It’s a great experience. It’s not easy because we had to build from the ground up so people fortunately are really nice in these towns. We get a lot of support from everyone in the community so the customers area really nice which makes it easier to run,” said Wong.

A full menu of authentic Chinese flavors come to stay at the China Inn. Diners can choose from twenty options.

“More American Chinese is stronger. There is a difference. You will just have to come in and try it and see for yourself,” said Wong.

Some regulars come in three times a week to enjoy the specialties that come from the kitchen.

“They love it,” said Wong.

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