Northland Kids Get Active with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go in the Northland: Part 2

A game called Pokemon Go has people all over the world trying to catch ’em all.

Although the game is fun for those who grew up playing the game, it has health benefits, too.

“It got kids out of the house, walking around,” said Darlene Marshall, Special Events Coordinator for the Greater Downtown Council.

In order to catch the monsters with a pokeball, players must walk around the real world to find them. This is just another reason to get Northland kids outdoors.

St. Luke’s Family Physician Dr. Nichole Schaefer says she only sees the positives coming from this fad, “I think it’s really been a good thing as long as the kids are paying attention to where they are.”

Some of Dr. Schaefer’s patients have a passion for gaming and that passion still remains, but with some added benefits.

“They’re getting outside which I think is a barrier with video games,” said Dr. Schaefer.

Walking for a game is getting folks to exercise in a way they enjoy.

“My main goal was, ‘Hey I’m gonna go out there and lose 10 pounds’ and I did,” said Pokemon Go player Jim Mattson.

The owner of Dungeon’s End, Mason Froberg, tells us he loves seeing the impact of the game, “It brings people out, it has them learn stuff, gives them an interest in learning.”

Families come into Froberg’s story to continue developing education.

“My child has gone from not being able to read and no interest; to reading everything just so they can learn Pokemon,” Froberg said customers tell him when they come into the store.

This reaction is putting a smile on Froberg’s face, “Something so simple as little monsters on a card, or in a game, can give them so much interest in learning.”

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